Chicago part 5

 If you’re looking for a more low key place to go and have lunch go check out Burrito Beach. This place is a play off of Chipotle, Chicago style. You get to choose whether you want a burrito, burrito bowl, or quesadilla. Inside you get to choose your filling and toppings. Make sure to ask for chips and Guacamole! You won’t be disappointed. Enjoy your visit       Chicago!


Enjoy yourself and your lifestyle!                                        

Chicago part 4!

Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery was next on my list for my trip to Chicago. The atmosphere is stand out ranging from great brews, to great food, to watching sporting events. The beer of my liking was freshly brewed called the White Ale. If you aren’t into drinking IPAs or like more of a fresh crisp tasting beer, then this one is right up your alley. Finish your beer with one of their specialty burgers and the rest is history!


Enjoy yourself and your lifestyle!

Chicago part 3


If you’re looking for a great mixology bar and handcrafted cocktails, The Broken Shaker is your place to go. With twists on your favorite and most well known cocktails, these bartenders know how to keep you satisfied. While I was there I ordered a Moscow Mule, and I can say this was the best cocktail I’ve had .

Enjoy yourself and your lifestyle!

Chicago part 2

 Whether you live in Chicago or are just visiting, deep dish pizza is a delicacy here. I visited 2 different pizza restaurants during my stay, and I was blown away. Lou Malnati’s is a great place to get the “Chicago” experience. This pizzeria is very sports oriented, with legends all around the dining area. You’ll be able to enjoy your pizza and admire all the famous jerseys and pictures. Make sure to pre order your deep dish as soon as you see the hostess, as it will take up to 45 minutes to cook!

Enjoy yourself and your lifestyle!


This week I had the pleasure of visiting one of the greatest cities, Chicago. There are so many great places to go and visit I couldn’t fit all of them in just one week! This week I’m taking you through the city and some of the great restaurants I visited. Be sure to not come on a diet, because all of these great places are pure comfort food!

The first place I will talk about is a restaurant inside a hotel called, Copper Fox. This gastropub is very classy and has such great art work on the walls. If you want a great meal with some great beer to wash it down, look no further! I ordered their prime steak sandwich with an Aleman “FoxyMan” White IPA. This beer is a local brewed beer with such great flavors, and is on the low end of “hoppy”. The sandwich was to die for! It packed such great flavors I devoured the entire sandwich!

Enjoy yourself and your lifestyle!

Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort

 If you’re coming to stay in Orlando and visit the Disney theme parks, I highly recommend you check out the Animal Kingdom Lodge for your stay. This resort is perfectly suited for children and families. With over 1300 rooms and over 200 animals, there are plenty of sites and adventures to see and overcome. Right outside one part of the resort, there are wildlife that you wouldn’t normally see in Florida. At certain times of the day, you’ll be able to watch the staff feed and interact with the wildlife. Definitely a great photo op time! So whether you’re here to stay, have a great meal, or just to swim in one of their great pools, the important part is you experience this great attraction resort. 


 Enjoy yourself and your lifestyle!


Dixie Dharma

 Dixie Dharma is a local vegan market that is inspired by southern food. This place is great if you’re looking for your “pulled pork” fix as a vegan. Not to mention they have a bakery where they make fresh desserts, ranging from cake pops to donuts. Even though there menu is set, one can never get enough. They have tables inside or outside. If it’s a beautiful day out you’ll be able to soak up some rays and enjoy some of the best vegan food in town.    Enjoy yourself and your lifestyle!

Dirty Hoe…. No pun intended!

 I’m not shy to admit that I enjoy a great beer. This one was new to me, and at some point you must try it! While I was at one of my local pubs I asked for half of a Hoegaarden and half of Framboise. With one sip my taste buds went crazy! It’s light and airy from the Hoegaarden with sweet cherry flavors from the Framboise. I was hooked! Ask your local pub about this great beer choice!


Enjoy yourself and your lifestyle!

Universal week #5

 Finally I’ve saved the best for last. To wrap up this week up I’d like to end it with The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Hogsmeade. This area of the park amazes me every time I visit. From the castle to the little details in each of the stores is amazing. Inside the castle there’s a ride called, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. While you wait for this ride you get to walk through the castle. You’ll see almost every character that was in the movie. If you choose not to ride this ride, you still can walk through the castle. Just ask for a castle tour and the attendants will show you where to go. 



Enjoy yourself and your lifestyle!

Universal week #4

 If you come during the summer months, I suggest you visit the Toon Lagoon part of the park. This part has plenty of rides to get wet and cool off. One ride in particular is the Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls. This ride is pack with tons of drops, turns, and splashes. Not only are the characters animated for your entertainment, but the last drop is at 75 ft and speeding in at 45 mph. After you have recovered from the drop beware, there are people readying with water guns waiting to aim at you!         Enjoy yourself and your lifestyle!